Windham AIDS Program

The Windham AIDS Program has been a part of Windham County since 1989 and has provided direct services for HIV infected and affected individuals.

WRCC on Local TV

In October, 2016, WRCC Windham AIDS Program staff were guests on the local TV series On the Homefornt. A link to the program for online viewing 24/7 is below:

WRCC TV Re: Windham AIDS Program
Featuring: Belinda Clark, Windham AIDS Program Director and Mariliz DeJesus, Medical Case Manager

Contact information:

Belinda Clark

Windham AIDS Program, Program Director

Windham Regional Community Council, Inc.

872 Main Street

Willimantic, CT 06226


(P) 860.423.4534 X327

(F) 860.423-2601




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 Below is a list of the services provided:

  • Medical Case Manager:

Medical Case Management is the provision of a range of consumer centered activities focused on improving their HIV health outcomes.

  • Ambulatory Services:

Outpatient ambulatory health services are diagnostic and therapeutic services provided directly to a consumer by a licensed healthcare provider in an outpatient medical setting.

  • Emergency funds for preventing shut-off of utilities

Emergency financial assistance provides a limited one- time payment to assist consumer with an emergency need

  • Food Vouchers:

Food Bank refers to the provision of a voucher program to purchase actual food items

  • Drop- in Center:

Drop-in Center is a secured area for activities and support groups for consumers

  • Consumer support groups:

Consumer support group provides group and individual counseling services to assist consumers living with HIV to address behavioral and physical health concerns

  • Medical Transportation:

This service provides transportation to consumers with HIV related medical appointments

  • Mental Health Services and referrals:

Mental health services are the provision of outpatient psychological and psychiatric screening, assessment, treatment and counseling services offered to consumers living with HIV

  • Community Education and Workshops
  • Consumer Advocacy

Windham AIDS Care and Assistance Program: Serves Windham County individuals HIV + and/or AIDS, with the following bilingual services:

  • Medical Case Management services provide early intervention including medical, dental and laboratory services. It assists clients in accessing and establishing eligibility for medical needs, psychological support needs, financial assistance programs and emergency assistance.
  • The Medical Case Managers provide case management, and supervises the coordination of children’s support groups and activities
  • Housing Assistance helps clients seeking housing who are homeless or in need of relocation or in need of rental assistance, and acts as a liaison between landlords and related agencies.
  • The Drop-In Center welcomes clients and their significant others into a place to relax
  • The Food Voucher Program provides about 45 individuals per year, who have exhausted other resources, with vouchers for food.


World AIDS Day December 1, 2016