Youth and Family Services


Youth Services Bureau

WRCC on Local TV

In August, 2016, WRCC Youth Services Bureau were guests on the local TV series On the Homefornt. A link to the program for online viewing 24/7 is below:

WRCC TV Re: Youth and Family Services
Featuring: Patricia Calvo, Director

Windham Youth Services

One of WRCC’s long standing programs, Youth Services impacts Windham families through a range of services that includes Positive Youth Development Initiative, Juvenile Review Board, Teen Pregnancy Prevention Initiative, Parent Support and Children’s Literacy. It serves more than 2,000 youth clients and approximately 300 parents and others per year through its various programs, whose goals are:

  • To promote the positive development of youth in Windham
  • To promote a lifestyle free of substance use for youth in Windham,
  • To divert youth exhibiting delinquent behaviors from the juvenile justice system
  • To enhance services provided by the schools and the Town to Windham youth
  • To coordinate services for families, children and youth with multiple providers to avoid duplication
  • To promote academic success and prevent teen pregnancy
  • To lead in the coordination of services available to children and youths in our community by chairing the Local Interagency Services Team
  • To actively involve school, police and court in efforts to reduce the number of school-based arrests and promote better graduation rates.

Windham Parent Network

In collaboration with Windham Public Schools, WRCC seeks to promote school readiness and literacy for all Windham children, with emphasis upon parental involvement and empowerment, expanded early childhood education, literacy enrichment, and professional development and training. Highlights of the network’s efforts include the successful implementation of the People Empowering People Leadership training program, in Spanish and English. We also co-sponsored Parent University.