Welcome to the new and improved website for the Windham Regional Community Council, Inc. This website is user-friendly, and provides quick and easy access to information for all programs. Users will also find information about any current events going on for each program on their specific page. We will also be posting inclement weather delays and closings on a homepage.

Windham Regional Community Council, Inc. (WRCC) is committed to improving the well being of the residents living in Windham and Tolland counties. Since its incorporation in 1976, WRCC has served well over 30,000 people of all income levels and areas of need. In the past program year, it served over 5,000 individuals directly and many more indirectly. WRCC is a community-based agency that creates and administers a broad range of programs that affect the lives of area citizens. WRCC is overseen by a volunteer Board of Directors and is non-profit 501(c) (3) agency organized for charitable purposes.

The total support and revenue to the agency for the operation of its programs for the 2015-2016 fiscal year was $2,287,415. The following is a summary of each WRCC program, its activities, and the numbers of individuals and families served during the 2015-2016 program year.

We are pleased to announce that Grow Windham and Windham No Freeze are both winners of the 2017 Liberty Bank Foundation grant awards,


Windham Regional Community Council Inc.


Report of the Executive Director

February 15, 2018


Assistive Technology      We have met with Arlene Logo of the State’s Assistive Technology Program who has offered a three year renewal of our contract commencing October 2018. A small increase may be afforded to WRCC.

Housing Services        All contracts are secure both federally funded and State funded. Outside monitoring will be occurring in the Spring. On our around June or July we have been awarded a new Federally funded supportive Services contract which will allow us to fill a new part time Case Manager position.

Grow Windham        Eastern Students are and volunteers are raising funds for SNAP incentives for the Farmer’s Market. The goal is to raise up to $2000. The Windham Community Food Network hosted a learning event that our Youth Leaders presented at, and the Youth Program is concentrated upon Youth Enterprise projects to be shared focusing on a Community Leadership Awards Event to be held in the Spring.

Municipal Requests for Funding support    All requests were submitted in early January as follows: To the Town of Windham; $35,000 for the Windham Youth Services Bureau, $5,000 for the Juvenile Review Board and $44,268 for the Windham Area Veteran’s Advisory Center. To the Town of Mansfield; $11,329 for the Vet’s Center and for the Vets Center also $1000 to Chaplin, $1000 to Columbia and $4530 to Killingly.  A chart of services provide is attached.

Youth Services     Very pleased to report that the Ossen Foundation was very generous in granting the Juvenile Review Board Program $34,471 to bring staffing up to full time and to add a new position of a part time Case Manager. Lynda Stein has been hired to fill the position. [She’s back] Also we have been awarded another year of Project East funding by DCF offering services to youth at the North Windham School. Lastly, the First Bridge Program newly funded by Windham Public Schools is fully operational at West Avenue in Willimantic.

Windham Area Veteran’s Advisory Center     Woody Woodbury is exploring the idea of establishing a Veteran’s Coffee house program modeled after a successful pilot program in the Town of Killingly. We are thinking of using vacant space in our offices to house the program

Windham AIDS Program       The State Department of Public health conducted a day long monitoring of all aspects of the Program’s operations. We receive an “A“ overall and an “A +” for the maintenance of the client charts of services.

WRCC Childhood Program     We have successfully assumed the management and administration of the former Windham Willimantic Child Care Center located at 478 Valley Street Willimantic. Under the leadership of Dawn McQuade, the new Program Director, WRCC opened the new site on January 2, 2018.  To achieve this milestone a long list of tasks were accomplished including; obtaining an Operational  License from the State,  Accreditation from NAEYC, Food Service Licensing and funding through the State’s  Child Nutrition program, Town site  approvals, negotiated contract for School Readiness funding with the Town of Windham as approved by the Windham School Readiness Council and Town Manager’s Office, subcontracts with TVCCA  for leasing of the site, an operational loan and operational funding for Office of Early Childhood Funding from the State, the assumption of all existing Center staffing  into our payroll and benefit systems, the purchase of computers, a printer, establishing WIFI and entry into our email system, assumption of vendors , hiring staff vacancies and staffing up for expanded Infant and Toddler slot offerings. Current enrollment is around 80 plus children with a capacity of up to 109 children.  At New Heights we achieved full enrollment of 49 children in February!!!!! Congrats to Roberta Martyniak and her team.








SIMS Regional Healthcare Conference

Here’s a link to a related last years SIMS Regional Health Care Conference with Jeff Beadle from WRCC and Arvind Shaw from Generations Family Health Center. When the program opens go to segment #2 and enjoy!

On the Homefront TV interview

Locating services for people with disabilities and other unique needs within Eastern Connecticut

The Eastern Connecticut Assistive Technology Center opened in April 2009. Part of the director’s job is to advertise the center through letter writing, attending conferences and expos, and doing trainings. Over the years, we have compiled quite a list of services for persons with special needs within the Eastern Connecticut region.

During a conversation with the Executive Director of WRCC, we came up with an idea to put all these resources into a website that would make it easier for people to find what they need. Jeff then contacted the manager of Blueprint for a Dream, who he had worked with on other projects to see if he would be able to put our data into a website. After much work, the Eastern Connecticut Accessibility Services map. This map has been made into three different formats, to make it accessible for people using different types of technology to access the computer, (such as screen reading or voice activated software).  On this map, you will find over 300 resources ranging from housing, healthcare, education, transportation, and community services just to name a few. The director of the Eastern Connecticut assistive technology Center has recently taken on the role of helping to maintain both the website for the Windham Regional Community Council, Inc. and the Eastern Connecticut Accessibility Services map. If you are viewing this map, and think of a service we have forgotten to include, please give us the information, which can then be added.

The Website link is http://accessibilitymap.blueprintimpact.com/